Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Art Pieces Jan 2013

I have been eager for my work to be a continuous development of knitted structures in the final year of my degree. The circular, repeat motifs of knit have been the foundation of my work, which lead me to use a circular knitting loom in my current work.

At the beginning of the semester I experimented with various qualities of yarn, from man-made to natural. I encountered technical issues as the work I was creating was not self supporting. Further experimentation led me to work with wire.  Its flexibility makes it pliable and therefore knittable, and it holds its shape whilst standing. Once I had developed a successful structure, I wanted to add individuality to each piece. I introduced horse hair, melted plastics and used red yarn to bunch together rows of the knitted wire. I also began to wrap the wire with coloured thread on the domestic sewing machine to create pieces with colour at one end, which I will talk more about later.

Here are some samples of my work...

  White Unravel (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted white and sugar wire with plastic fibre centre 

 White Wrap (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted silk covered wire with horse hair

Copper Heat (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted copper wire with interlacing threads and pre-knit wires

 Red Thread 1 (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted wire with thread

Bottle Neck (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
knitted blue and red wire
Blue Melt (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted navy and blue wires

Colour Fill (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted wire with pre-knit wire in centre

 Twine Barrel (2012)
Cathryn Hogg
Knitted wire and twine

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